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VP Engineering


At remerge we think that culture is the key to building a successful company. As VP of Engineering you work on the foundations that enable us to grow the R&D team from 40 people to 80. Improving our people, processes and the engineering culture is going to be your focus - working closely with the engineering leadership and directors of other departments. This will require your existing skills and knowledge but more so discovering, studying and experimenting with new insights into how to build a successful engineering organization. Why is this important? We are a technology driven company, operating a complex platform that processes quadrillions of data points (no this is not a typo!). This is only possible with a focus on continuous engineering excellence - which you will help us to maintain.


Working with remerge as the VPE means

  • Being in a position that allows you to shape the future of the engineering organization - having a real impact on the people and the company
  • Improving your skills - while you have access to our leadership mentoring and coaching program most of the learning will happen in your day to day interactions with our people.  
  • Operating in a transparent environment - we share everything openly, from strategy over company KPIs to salary
  • Having full control over how, when and from where you work. We have flexible work hours and days and an unlimited vacation policy with an enforced minimum. We are a remote friendly-company on the way to becoming a remote-first one!
  • Being part of a high growth company that is profitable since many years, not investor driven or dependent 
  • You can enjoy various perks:
    • Travel to our offices around the globe for a short term assignment for up to a month each year - remerge covers travel and accommodation
    • Comfortable work setup - laptop, phone, screen(s), standing desk etc.
    • Support for your setup while working from home
    • Wellness benefits such as sports memberships and internet reimbursements
    • Company events including breakfast twice a week, team lunches, birthday and milestone celebrations, quarterly team events and company-wide parties
  • Receiving a remuneration package consisting of 
    • A competitive salary 
    • Share options 
    • An end of the year bonus determined by company performance


Your responsibilities

  • Design and shape our engineering culture
    • Measure and improve the motivation & happiness of the team(s)
    • Develop aspirational core values, realize and reinforce them
    • Drive the development of shared cultural habits and a common identity, such as common objectives, code of behavior and heritage
    • Improve engagement, collaboration and team spirit by planning events, gatherings, initiatives
  • Drive engineering and data science processes and organization design evolution 
    • Generate, monitor and evolve engineering processes from code review to the development process
    • Advance the structural design of the engineering organization 
    • Design, implement and monitor meaningful metrics
    • Cross-departmental process consulting
  • Curate the employee lifecycle 
    • Define/improve the engineering hiring strategy and processes
    • Improve the engineering induction and first three month experience 
    • Make processes measurable and repeatable   
    • Train interviewers 
    • Evangelize working at remerge: increase our visibility in the engineering & data science communities 
  • Manage Learning & Development initiatives   
    • Evolve and execute our growth framework. Iteratively improve the framework - giving clearer guidance on roles, levels, behaviors, skills and its application 
    • Improve regular feedback culture 
    • Support and coach our directors and engineering managers
    • Ensure access to and organize internal and external learning resources
  • Ensure engineering handbook usage and maintenance


What we hope to find in you

  • A humble leader that can inspire others
  • Being able to excel in a remote first environment
  • Expert hiring manager skills and experience 
  • Strong people management philosophy and skills
  • Experience in managing people managers
  • Ability to understand, communicate and improve the quality of teams
  • Modern understanding of culture, what drives it and how to build it
  • Up to date theoretical and practical understanding of engineering and management processes 
  • Demonstrated longevity in previous positions 
  • Past experience as a technical engineering lead (technical credibility)
  • Past experience in managing engineering teams (management credibility)
  • Scientific mindset (measure, reason, implement, repeat)